Friday, May 14, 2010

Guess who's here!

Kristian and Taylor arrived from California tonight! They will be staying with us for a week while they explore New York and the East Coast! We plan on exploring the Natural History Museum with them tomorrow!


Jon and Jolie 1:11 AM  

Have fun!!!! Are they going to stay in your guest loft? Are they your first house guests. . . how exciting!!!

Travel_with_a_purpose 1:42 AM  

Glad you arrived safely! Have a great time.

coryandannie 11:04 AM  

Yes and Yes! They are the first guests to stay in our guest loft! The first night was a success! Bee even slept in! Then this morning she had fun playing with everyone!

Happynhanford 6:41 PM  

Glad you made it safely. We missed seeing Kristian and Taylor last night at the Farmer's Market. I guess NYC is a little more exciting!
Have a great time!
I get the next week!

Bakka 8:41 PM  

the natural history museum was great, thanks cory and annie......

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