Friday, May 14, 2010

Blue Bell Blue Bell

I will have more Kristian and Taylor pictures but for now here are some pics of Felix and Bee from earlier this week! Kristian and Taylor left early this morning to take a road trip to Rhode Island! They will return tomorrow night!

Bee and Felix take a break from the playground for a banana snack.

What's so funny FELIX AND BEE? Bee was tossing up the bark! When she gets to laughing she covers her mouth with her hands.

Mama Bryna and Felix!
Bee was a show stopper. The tourists loved stopping to take pics of Bee.
Bee likes to make friends!
I love my big girl!


Frank 1:32 PM  

You should open up a baby petting zoo for the tourists! $5 a head with another $5.00 for the photo op with baby at the end of the ride! Cutest kid I've ever seen!

Happynhanford 8:24 PM  

Darling kids! Settings are so beautiful! I love these pics!
Thanks Annie!

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