Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sewing Bee!

Sewing Bee!
A blog about sewing things for Bee!
Mimi Marlene sent Bee cute outfits that she made! The ourfits are reversible too! She made the pink one with Bee's Great Grandma Colleens ruffle and fabric! Thank you Mimi for the adorable outfits! Tey fit Bee perfect! Mimi, these first three pictures are similar but I couldn't decide on the one that you would like best! So, here are all three! I think the first one is my favorite.

This picture proves that Bee doesn't just have 2 bottom teeth!
Does Bee know that she is adorable?
Bee's making a silly face!
White and blue stars! Bee is sitting on a blanket sewn by Barbara! I also want to give a shout out to my friend Mallory who also sews and sewed Bee a blanket too!
Bee has fun with mirrors!
I bought this homemade lion costume at a stoop sale from a theatre family for $2. I couldn't resist and I knew we would find a use for it! Joe tried it on because he is going to wear in for one of Cory's films. Bee wasn't too pleased.
Bee says..."I'm not so sure about this Mom."
"Mom, get me out of here!"
I wanted to show that all the Bruce ladies can sew! I made Bee a stroller seat cover and shoulder pads! Sewing seems to run in Bee's family. My mom was a fantastic sewer also! I wonder if Bee will be a sewing Bee someday?

Cory bought Bee this cute strawberry shirt at a fancy boutique kids shop this summer! It also had bloomers to buy with it as well but I decided that I could make them instead (they were overpriced). So, I finally got around to trying to make them! Bee looks like she is trying her best to be a model! She is good at pointing her toes.Bee loves to ride up top!

Bee also loves water!
Big girl! (her bloomers need to be pulled up in front)
Bee hanging with the boys!
I pointed to a dog nearby and as soon as Bee saw it she took off! It was a shit tzu/yorkie and is was the same age as Bee! I kept bringing her back to our blanket but she kept crawling to the doggie!

A video of Bee showing off her new outfit and some of her signs! My favorite part is when she stands on her own with her hands in the air as if to say "Look Ma, no hands!"


Three's Company at the Secondo's 1:23 AM  

Cute, Cute & More Cute! Love the outfits and your polka-dot creation. Maybe Bee's a ballerina like her mama. Love ya!

Happynhanford 11:18 AM  

Bee's darling! She's a great model! I am glad they fit and they look good on her! Lion Joe is tooo funny! Thanks for the great video. It is always fun to see her move and hear her founds! She will be talking pretty soon!
Love, Mimi to Bee

Rachel :) 5:12 PM  

adorable pictures and I love the video too!

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