Friday, August 14, 2009

location scouting with daddy

Last week Bee and I joined Cory in Manhattan for an afternoon of location scouting (for Cory to film at). We took the subway to Wall Street! Here are a few things we saw...

Really tall buildings!The top of Cory's head
Happy daddy and baby
A camera
Water fountains
Skateboards working on difficult tricks
Skateboarder friend Casey who we happened to run into!
Fun looking streets.

The bank doors that Cory had in one of his films and the location of "The Inside Man."


Rachel :) 4:41 PM  

I love that picture of the street. what a cool angle!

Happynhanford 2:13 AM  

Great time, Great Pics! Boy that Bee is growing! You do such fun things with her!
Love ya all!
mimi to Bee

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