Saturday, August 01, 2009

Adventures with Bee

Felix, Bee and the balloons!

Felix is happy and Bee is...?
Oops! Felix is falling!
Couldn't resist putting Bee in her monster costume!
Bee doing a yoga move!
I want to touch!
Gaia and Bee enjoying the green grass.
Bee taking a stroll in Gaia's "Bugaboo Bee" stroller!

Gaia and Amy
Annie and Bee

YogiMonster! Bee is covered with yogurt and oatmeal. Steel Cut oatmeal is her favorite food right now!
Last Saturday morning Bee and I went for a walk like we do most mornings!
We said good morning to the sunflowers that are growing on our block!
Good morning doggie!
Good morning Lily! "Lily and Fig bakery and tea shop" is a brand new bakery around the corner from us that I eat a lot of yummy things from! Bee enjoys talking to Lily!
Clem and Bee! Clem had just gotten back from a traveling to Cuba!
The Second Annual Kids Day event in the neighborhood!
Horse Rides in Crown Heights! Fun!

A nice hot day to enjoy some water attractions!
The local tshirt shop was making fresh t-shirts. Cory and I bought matching ones!
There were a lot of kids! It was a successful Kids Day Event!
Daddy and Daughter during our trip to the Upper West Side in Manhattan.
Playdate with Amy and Leah! Amy and I met at church last summer while I was pregnant. Leah was Bee's age now. I can't believe how fast time has gone! Now Amy is pregnant with her second daughter to be born in November!


Happynhanford 2:23 PM  

Yea! An new blog! You know I live for these! Bee in Monster costume is darling. Love the Peek-a-Bee! And the Bee and the dog...ahhhhh! She is growing so fast! Can hardly wait to hold her!
Love to all!
Mimi to Bee

Three's Company at the Secondo's 7:52 PM  

Bee is scared! She has curly hair coming in and she is scared that her Dad is going to give her the once yearly shave-down that he does to his lovely locks. Yeah, Curly Hair Bee!

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