Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Spring!

Bee had her 6month checkup on Wednesday. She weighed 17lbs 3 ozs.
The next day we decided to try and spice things up for Bee. I mixed up some baby rice cereal with her breast milk. You can see from the picture that Bee wasn't too thrilled! I thought she was ready for solid food but not yet or at least not this. I tried the mixture and it just tasted like breast milk. I guess Bee just likes it straight from the source!

Bee's tooth!

Bee turned 6 months this week! Here are a few shots on the day she turned 6 months!
Bee is getting so big and can do a lot more. It is the best watching your daughter learn and grow each day!
Happy Belated Easter! Jesus Has Risen!

Bee and church buddie Elsa! Elsa is about a month younger than Bee. At church this past Sunday Bee and Elsa spent some time in the nursery hanging out without any parents (their own parents that is)! They grow up so fast!

Decklan and Chaz in their Easter Sunday sweaters!
Picnic in the Park after church! It was a nice sunny but windy day. (side note: it is finally reached the 70s outside right now and I can't wait to get out side 4/18/09).

Cory and Bee
Bee's bear butt!
Mama and Bee
Bee's 1st Easter Egg Hunt! I'm sure she would have been happy hanging out in the dirt but I couldn't have her get all dirty and I know there will be plenty of dirty park clothes this summer!
Bee found an egg!

Bee is getting much better at sitting up on her own!After the park we went over to our friends house for another Easter Celebration!

We went to the Brooklyn Children's Museum. We only live a 10 minute walk away! Bee loves to ride on her daddy's shoulders! They are standing in front of a subway care you can hang out in. This is the entrance to "Brooklyn World."

They made it look like a mini version of a Brooklyn Street.The Grocery store was my favorite. This is a little girl's dream! They have every food you can think of in the fake version complete with a working conveyor belt!
Bee and I will be spending a lot of time in this kid version of Brooklyn. There was also a fun bakery and a pizza parlor where you make your own fake pizza.
Bee likes to look at everything!
The Musuem also has a special secion for babies and toddlers! Bee was facinated by the water!

A fun dress up section
The baby news channel!
If you come and visit us you can be sure that we will want to go to Children's Museum so you can play with Bee! Also, if you have kids (hint hint Brother Philip) you have got to come here!

Speaking of Brother Philip. It is Callie's 2nd Birthday today!

Happy Bee-day Callie. Callie is Bee's only cousin!


Anonymous 4:09 PM  

Wow, in my excitement to see the real thing on the webcam....I forgot to comment. I love the Easter pics, new tooth, new girl-friend Elsa, and the Brooklyn Children's Museum Pics! She is really growing up! Sitting on her own and all!
Hugs and Kisses!
Mimi Marlene

Anonymous 4:57 PM  

Bee is growing so fast! What a darling girl you two produced! Hope you have lots more! Can't wait to see you guys again. Maybe this summer?
Love, Aunty Tammy

Bakka 11:32 AM  

whats cory doing with the army of creepy mustaches....

Rechelle 1:24 PM  

Bee is quite a cutie, I love the tooth... well teeth now it sounds like. Claire is still all gums. I hope her fever goes down, that can be nerve-racking!

Thanks for the diaper link! Do you have a preference for one brand over another (Bum Genius vs. Fuzzy Buns)? I've noticed that on nights where Claire sleeps 12 hours (hallelujah!) that the Happy Hieny will soak through a little bit, even with a hemp soaker stuffed behind the microfiber insert.

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