Monday, April 06, 2009

Melissa is a Star!

My sister Melissa came to New York with the Lemoore High School Choir and on Sunday night they sang at Carnegie Hall! It was awesome! The concert was great and Melissa did a great job. This is us before the concert. Cory was home with Bee and it felt weird being away from Bee. It was the farthest and longest time I have been away from her! She slept like a baby the whole time!

I can't believe she got to perform at Carnegie Hall!

Picture and video are not allowed but I couldn't resist a shot after the concert.
Here is a sound clip from Lux Aeterna (My Light).

I got a few pictures from Melissa's camera.
Chelsea, Melissa, and Jill on their first subway ride.

Sara, Melissa, Ryan, Chelsea, Philip, and Scott at Rockefeller Center.
The sign in front of Carnegie Hall. You can see that it says Lemoore High School Choir, CA!

So, Melissa's school group left this morning but she get's to stay until Wednesday morning with us! Here she is with Bee this morning!

It is so fun having her stay with us!

A little walk to Grand Army Plaza before Melissa, Bee and I hopped on the subway for Manhattan.

Our first stop...F.A.O. Schwarz! For the three of us it was our first time on the piano! Bee was so light I had to help her light up the keys.

Melissa on the piano!Bee was facinated with the Big Red Dog! Bee loved the toy store! She squealed with delight as we looked at everything! We will definitely be going back! I bought her a cloth book (from the Eebees) and her aunty Melissa bought her a stuffed Clifford Dog. A little smaller than this one! It is her first stuffed animal from F.A.O. but not the last!

Bee's first rocking horse experience!

Bee is on a duck.We went to the Disney store!


Anonymous 10:39 PM  

Looks like a great time for all! Wow Melissa's choir sounded terrific! Bee in her Beewear looks like she is having a great time...mouth open!
Have fun!

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