Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tap of the Morning to You

What do you do when you find a perfect fitting pair of tap shoes? Go tap dancing!
I have started to take tap dance classes at "Steps on Broadway" in Manhattan.
One of the first things that I did in this life was dance (ballet, jazz and tap!) I remember "shuffle-ball-change," but that was about it. I also remember peeing my tights on the ballet bar becaase I was trying to wait until class got over. Keri Weisser (Rachel's mom) saved me that day with some extra clothes. I remember other things but that was the most interesting visual I could think of. I wish I had my dance pictures on the internet to show you with my bright costumes. Instead, here is a cute one of some girls.

This is the only picture of the studio I could find. The hallway is always filled with dancers.

This is the teacher of the class I have been attending. Her name is Lynn Schwab and she got into tap dance at the age of 25. This give me hope!

About Steps on Broadway
Steps on Broadway is a special community of artists where the individuality and potential of each student is realized. Each day over 50 classes are offered from beginning to advanced levels in a wide range of styles and techniques taught by our international, world-class faculty. Throughout the year, Steps incorporates into its schedule special master classes, educational programs and performances. With an unwavering passion, Steps strives to be the cultural core of the dance community by reaching for excellence in our instruction, arts programming, facilities and in our support of the artists and community we serve. Whether a seasoned performer or a beginning adult, you will enjoy a creative experience at these legendary studios. Steps is open 7 days a week.


Anonymous 6:04 PM  

Yeah Annie- so fun! I would have loved to do that, but age and tired legs have crept up. I will live vicariosly through your dancing feet. Love Aunty Tammy

Anonymous 6:25 PM  

Feel the beat of those dancin feet, on the avenue I'm takin you to....42nd street.

Are you like Kramer, dominating the dojo? M

coryandannie 9:18 PM  

Hey, those six year olds can dance.

Aging Bladder 3:04 PM  

Ahh yes Annie, you were our little Jon Benet Ramsey. Why don't you revamp the midget hooker look, you wore it well. I remember the peed tights incedent. Good times! I peed my tights yesterday in the grocery store and nobody noticed.

Anonymous 8:15 PM  

Oh they noticed...that's why they insisted on plastic. M

Rachel :) 1:20 AM  

YES-we had the best costumes. I LOVE all those pictures. Remember "buffalo change?" That step always got me!

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