Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Aesop Rocks

We saw Aesop Rock for free last night in Park Slope as part of Myspace's Secret Show series, and it was an amazing show. Aesop is a true showman and did an hour and a half set that included freestyles and special guests. It is rare to see him do an East Coast show since he moved from Brooklyn to San Francisco so it made his hometown return that much better (and well worth 3 hours of waiting in 20 degree weather)


Anonymous 4:26 PM  

If it was a secret show, how did you know about it? M

coryandannie 4:33 PM  

The "Secret" aspect of the shows is that no one is allowed to announce the show until 24 hours before. So there is no media coverage, the venue and artist can't promote it, until myspace gives the go ahead and myspace sends messages to people that live in the area the show is happening in. A pretty neat idea, and a great way to get huge acts into small venues without causing riots and/or insane prices.

They also gave us nicely printed limited edition show posters as we were leaving. A classy affair.

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