Saturday, January 19, 2008

Miss Mallory

Mallory traveled back to New York with us.

She stayed for nine days. Here she is in front of our house on the first day.

Mallory's first Thai food at our favoritze Thai restaurant in Manhattan. She loved it!
I can't recall where she was when this picture was taken.
Winter picture in front of the W Hotel.
Wait a New York minture Mister Taxicab.

While I was at work, Cory took Mallory around the city.
Lego Darth Vader with Cory holding cute "Cory" and "Annie" mugs.
Watch out Mallory!
Central Park in the winter.
I love this picture of Mallory.

What's up David?
Mallory's all-time best hotdog.
The original Nathan's hot dog stand in Coney Island.
Ground Zero construction.
Mallory's photography taken from the top of the Brooklyn Bridge.
Great picture! Breathtaking.
This was the day that Mallory traveled around the city for a few hours by herself. She noticed a bike someone was throwing away and told Cory after they met up. Mallory took us right to the spot where she had seen a cute old bike (not locked up) and to our surprise the bike was there just as she described. Way to go Mallory. The bike is now at our house and will be fixed up soon enough (new brakes and tires for starters). Mallory named her "Raustyn."
Miss Liberty through the fog.
Empire State building and my best buddy.
Mister Squirrel
I heart CB

Fun story about these trees. Basically, Mallory and I found them in Soho, carried three of them home, and went back for the last three with Cory. It was a really fun night.
They are now our "All Year Long Trees."


Alexander 10:37 PM  

I need to find a bike too, or at least two new tires. Anyways, as always great pictures! And Cory, thanks for the movies tip I watched two of them already.

Bakka 12:21 AM  

picture with squirl: Well la-de-da, Mr. Park Avenue manicure..... and i like the guy behind mallory in the times square picture.

Anonymous 11:19 PM  

Cool trees! Hey, My Nathan's Hot Dog days was 348, Mallory's 177, So we were there 171 days apart...if my math is okay. So where was Darth? Did you go in an hang out at the W Hotel? Great pics! Mom

Anonymous 10:31 AM  

One squirrel---two nuts....what's a rodent to do? I really like the trees, very festive for any occasion. Can't tell what they are made out of. That Mallory takes some great pictures, very Mary Tyler Moore-esque. M

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