Sunday, January 13, 2008

Home for the Holidays

This has been my longest absence from the blogging world. What can I say...I've been busy. The last picture of me is the last picture that my camera will ever take. It died (after I dropped it) a few hours after this picture was taken. We have not gotten a replacement, but Mallory was in town and we used her camera (as you will see in the next post).

The Friday before we left to go to California my work had their annual Christmas Party. I forgot my camera but we took this one of Cory when we got home. Everyone was to be wearing black.
Cory and Rosco.

Cory and Grandma Lois.
This picture is dedicated to one of our most faithful blog viewers, Grandpa Duyst.
Jordan and Scott try to compete with our talents as Jordan gets a kiss.
Pretty Good.
Another faithful blog viewing family. The Foxes!!!
A game of Scrabble.
Christmas Eve with my dad and my siblings.
Grandpa Robert and Callie.
I coudn't believe how much Callie had grown!
I love NY T-shirts for all!
Grandma Lois.
The Bruce's Christmas tree.
Designer Lyle Bruce posing for a picture.
Lindsay's 17th Birthday.
A new Cranium game "Pop 5."
"Just Do it"
Cory, Mallory and Nathan having a great time.
Where's Cory?
Who's this young stud?
Cooking with Grandma Asta!
Grandma Asta taught me how to play "Hand N Foot" and that is all I wanted to play! It was a lot of fun.
Callie crawling and smiling for Aunt Annie.
Hanging out with Callie, Allyson and Philip.
...and after. Thanks to Aunt Shelley for my Christmas present.


Alexander 10:47 PM  

Good Start
Welcome back to the blogging World

Anonymous 12:59 AM  

awesome! i made it into the pictures.
me and my nike. (shouldn't that be adidas?!)welcome back, you were sorely missed. glad you had good holidays and safe travels. it was nice to see both of you. meg wants to come out this year, so maybe towards the fall... we'll see.

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