Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Willem Dafoe

Today was "bring your camera to work" Day for Annie. For movie star Willem Dafoe it was "go shopping for organic food so he could have his picture taken by a crazy deli worker" Day.


amorphous nate 12:53 AM  

i have noticed the shift in your celebrity sightings of late, at first it was all "nick cannon and ashley simpson" now its all "john malkovich and willem dafoe". nice work, keep moving up market.

are you only pestering REAL artists these days, or are they the only ones you're meeting?

let the small fish go.


Dafoe has that creepy little grin. Where are his hands?

Anonymous 9:04 PM  

the blurriness must be to keep the holiness of jesus at its pureness.

mmmmmm sacrilegious....

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