Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pancake VS Manhattan

Too tired to blog. I'll update them tomorrow.

Okay, I am finally updating this blog even though it was already done for me way better than I'm about to.

The three us us went out for a walk on the Hudson. I loved how the sky looked.

We went to Chelsea Market. Pancake bought many cupcakes as they were 1/2 half off. Cory and I ate two and Pancake handled the rest.
We stubbled upon a party for the 100 top inovative toys. Look I am glowing!
The free champagne made it extra fun.
We won 4 brand new $450 bikes given to us by Subway.
Cory really liked this picture of Pancake.
Fortuitous falcon feasts on foe for food.


amorphous nate 1:25 AM  

nice bikes! huh?

that looks like a northern goshawk.

and the other looks like a bloated tom cruse ala top gun.

Anonymous 2:33 AM  

How intriguing...

Anonymous 10:09 AM  

Pancake-cupcake....nice juxtaposition. Midget

Let me blog for you 10:47 PM  

So Cory got smashed on a glass of champagne and stole some bikes. Pamcake and him schmoked a doob, got paranoid and stared out the window at a bird they thought was wired. Felt better put on the cop shades, went down to Billy's bakery and munched out. Pamcake gained 5pds. from the indulgence and Annie and Cory lived happily ever after. Good times never felt so good.

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