Sunday, March 04, 2007

Time To Celebrate

It snowed again last week. This is the view from our bathroom window. The tree on the right was looking like cotton to us. Since the snow day it has started to warm up. It has been sunny and mild.
Thursday night I went out with my friend Naomi to celebrate her now job. We went to her favorite wine lounge that has half price bottles of wine before 8 and a dessert plate for $4 that consists of a cup full of dipping chocolate and biscotti. It was really good.
Friday at work I found out that I am the new Employee of the Month. They gave me the satisfaction of knowing I am doing my job well and a $25 certificate to the movies. Cory and I watch a lot of movies but we have never been to the theatre in New York.
Friday after work Cory and I went into Brooklyn to look at a few apartments. They were amazing. You get triple the space for your money in Brooklyn. Then again, we are used to 150 sq.ft. so it doesn't take much to please us. We are looking for apartments because our lease is up soon and we decided to stay in New York longer than we anticipated. We will be home for the summer for a little while but then we will be off for New York again. We love it here. We do really miss everyone and we can't wait to see you all soon. After apartment hunting we went out to dinner with our friends Joe and Jessica in Park Slope. While walking to the subway for home we found my garden!


Mom 9:45 PM  

Congratulations Annie! You look good with your certificate! Always a winner! It was nice for someone to name a garden after you!
Love you kids!

FancySchmancy 3:47 PM  

Ney York it is!

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