Monday, March 12, 2007

Improv Fun

Saturday, I had my improv 201 class show. It was a lot of fun. Cory captured it on tape and Chris was my photographer. Chris "Pancake" arrived in Manhattan an hour before my show! He is staying with us for 9 days. Pancake for those of you who do not know has been friends with Cory since high school and he was one of our groomsmen. After the show we took a group picture. We were all relieved the the show was over. My friend Naomi also came to watch me perform. Naomi was in my level 101 class with me. The four of us walked down town. We met Marvin at a restaurant for food. After dinner we walked down to 911 because Marvin and Pancake had never been down there. It was a fun day hanging out with friends. At 12pm before all of this happened Cory and I signed our new lease papers on our new apartment. I will show you pictures later. We are excited. We move in April 1st.


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