Friday, March 25, 2011

Silly Bee...don't drop the camera!

Mimi sent us a St. Patrick's day package and in it was this "silly ball/hat." At first Bee was afraid of it but quickly warmed up to the fun toy! Mangaged to get a one quick shot before she took it off her head! She calls it her "silly ball!"

Bee was taking pictures and dropped our Canon G9. It was almost 3 years old so it has given us a good run but it is now broken! We could have it fixed for close to $200 but instead when the time is right we are going to just buy a new camera! She felt really bad about dropping the camera! Don't worry Bee, our last camera was also dropped and broken but I was the cause of that one! Here are the last 4 pictures taken with our camera by our sweet daughter Bee.

Bee taking a picture of Michelle!
Bee taking a picture of her mama!
Took me a few seconds to figure out what these last pictures were of! Do you know what it is???
Very last picture taken!

Soon I will post some cute videos of Bee and Edgar playing the Ukulele that I took the day the camera broke!


Cecilia 12:20 AM  

The last two pictures look like a skunks nose and kitten paws.

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