Thursday, March 17, 2011

Are you wearing something GREEN today?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Bee and I were with Dalia today! It was a very "lucky" thing too because Mimi had just sent Bee a package with lots of green items for the girls! Including matching green sweatshirts! It was a gorgeous day in Brooklyn! I took the girls to the zoo!
Running is fun! Notice the green grass starting to grow! Dare I say "Spring has Sprung!"

A little sidewalk chalk time!

This past Monday I woke up and looked out the window and found that the tree outside had bunches of leaves on it! I knew this tree was special because last winter it somehow still had pink flowers on it so I wasn't too suprised to think it had grown leaves over night. But then I woke up and realized that today was the day the TV show "Damages" was filming next door to us. They had wired ginko leaves to a non ginko tree! This tree got to be really smart for a day!

We had fun watching the film shoot all day! They were actually filming next door to us and two doors down on the other side of us! In this scene they are filming a shot on the front steps. I could here the dialogue lines as we sat on our couch! "Damages" in case you are curious shows on FX. I have never scene it but have since learned that it is a good show and think I that I should check it out considering I feel apart of the show now!
Have you heard? Bee and Cory have been making cartoon together! So fun! I'll try to put the cartoons on the blog soon!


Happynhanford 1:39 AM  

Cute blog and pics of the girls!
I am glad they got to enjoy their twin sweatshirts today. I knew they were big, but you can always roll the sleeves and wear them big... better than too small.
Really cute together.
You have a great view of your street!
What fun!
Love you guys!

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