Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pink and Purple

Bee and her pink bike (not silver)!
Bee's been practicing riding her bike out side the past week! We are so glad the weather is warming up!

Adventure Bee and Cory took a trip to Manhattan. They went to the HighLine, a playground and took a visit to our first apartment in Manhattan. In this picture Bee is sitting on the steps! Bee got a pretty black eye from a "trip" she took in our house!

Bee sitting on the steps along the HighLine!


Happynhanford 11:42 PM  

Bee looks cute on her bike!
So sorry about her black eye. Just part of growing up... but sorry it has to happen.
Love the parking lot sign on the last one... funny!
Love you all,

Rebecca 1:03 AM  

What's the other kid look like?

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