Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Warm before the Snow

On Monday we put Bee in her warm bear outfit before our walk.
What is this....warm weather in December?

It was so warm!!!

Hello Mr. Squirrel

Cory and I got to play frisbee. It has been a while since we last played and last time I played I couldn't really bend over! There were two birds (doves?) hanging out with us. I only saw one of them fly once (not very high). My theory is that they were wedding doves on the loose!

George, I am dissapointed in you. I thought you quit.

Bee went to see her doctor for her two month check up! She is in the 90th percentile for head circumference (16cm), weight (11lbs 14 oz) and height (23 3/4 in).
Bee got two shots! She cried pretty hard for a minute but then she stopped!!!
On Tuesday the weather turned really cold and then in the evening it started to snow! When it first started the snow flakes were huge!

When I went to put this is what it looked like outside! This morning the snow was all gone!

Wednesday morning with Bee!


nate-in-the-box 12:14 PM  

judging by size, i'd say "fancy" pigeons (mutants really)

the bear outfit is pretty cute.

unka nate

Happynhanford 12:31 PM  

Houston, we have bubbles. Midget

Happynhanford 7:44 PM  

Burrrrr Mom and Dad! Close the window! What'ch tryin' to do... freeze me out! What a change from playing frisbee without a coat to seeing the snow cover the yard. Miss Bubbles is cute and I like the big yawn after you ask her what she wants to do. Can't wait to hold her!

bee watcher 2:22 PM  

I'm glad Bee got some sun in before the nasty stuff hits this weekend. Our Marin Pediatricians wear gauze pants, crocs and grateful dead shirts. He's fancy schmantzy. Give that kid some double bubble and see what she can do.

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