Thursday, December 11, 2008

...and the little one said...roll over!

Bee got to this position all by herself! I put her on her back and she decided that her back was not good enough! She will be two months old on the 13th!
This is a video clip of Bee going from her back to her side. A few seconds later she was able to get to the position shown above!

Bee is excited for her first Christmas!
Bee was helping with the Christmas decorations.

Bee took her first "Big Girl" bath two nights ago!
While I am typing these three boys are still in the same positions in a deep conversation. (Joe, John Paul and Cory).

Another Bee video.


Happynhanford 10:52 PM  

OHHHHHH...sweet roller! She is changing! Love the Christmas helper! She looks great decorated for the holidays!
I know those guys can talk for hours!
Thanks for the great shots!
Mimi Marlene

It's your Bee-Day 6:13 PM  

Dang that girl will be walking in a week. Annie you were a tummy sleeper. When you were fussy your mom would wrap you and they you on your tummy. You'd be sleeping in minutes. I do believe bee is in your favorite sleeping position. Merry,merry Christmas!

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