Saturday, September 27, 2008

New York New York

Lot's of things have been happening this week! Evan was in town and had a great time! Here are some pictures (in reverse order). The next blog will be about my last week of school!

My friend Amy helped me bring home Bee's new crib! It is all set up now! The BIG Piana at F.A.O. Schwartz.
My tomato plants in the back yard have been producing a lot of cherry tomatoes but this was the only big tomato that I harvested! It was yummy!
Happy 25th Birthday Cory!!!!
We had a video party with family back home!
Columbus Circle view!
I have never seen it so nicely decorated!
Evan getting attacked by a dino at the Natural History Museum.
Which one is Evan?

Evan went to visit the Statue of Liberty.Mallory did you know your family was on the wall at Ellis Island?
Off to a birthday dinner for Cory!
I haven't seen my back in a while. I look pregnant from that angle too!
The view of Manhattan from Washington St.
Cory and Evan took a long bike ride into the city. Here is the view from the Brooklyn Bridge.
Sunday we all went to church! We are standing in front of a different (very pretty) church.
We finally ate a restaurant near our house and loved it! I thought the chips and sals were interesting!
Grand Army Plaza

David under the arch!
Bike ride over the Manhattan Bridge.
Cory and Evan went to a Harlem Block party and had a great time. Check out the jump roppers!
Pretty Central Park!
Coney Island looking pretty deserted.
Where did everyone go?
Nathan's is still going strong!
Evan took a run into the Atlantic!


Anonymous 11:07 PM  

Beautiful Pics!
Wow, you really look prego! You you look beautiful and happy! Love the new crib. I did not know it was green. Glad you got it home. The weather looks fabulous! Hang in won't be long now!
Love ya!

Anonymous 8:37 PM  

Hey, guys I hope everything is well, I saw some pictures of the new baby; she is beeutiful! Hope everything is well and I finally found a way to contact.... Love always missing in action Stefanie

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