Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Polo and Teddy Roosevelt

On Saturday we found out about a free polo match with Veuve Clicquot on Governors Island. So, we got ready and hopped on the subway. We got there on time but we couldn't even get on the Ferry Ride to Governors Island because they canceled everything due to the weather.
This was to be the first polo match played in NYC in 70 years and our first. We were excited.

We decided to walk back to Brooklyn over the Brooklyn Bridge which is always fun to do!
Today, my school took a trip into Long Island to visit "Old Westbury College" and then take a tour of Theodore Roosevelts old house and museum. His house was amazing! We were not allowed to take pictures inside, but I have never seen so many animal skins, head, and objects made with animal parts.
This was Teddy Juniors House that is now a museum.
Behind Teddy Junior's house is a nature trail leading to Oyster Bay. The students enjoyed this alot!
Me and my pregnant body,
Here are some of the students that were on the trip.
How cool are they?
"Old Westburys" swimming pool. The students enjoyed the campus tour and some of them even said that this is where they want to go now!

It was a good day of work! I had never been to Long Island before today. It was lovely.


Anonymous 1:25 AM  

Sad about the Polo gig. But the field trip looked like fun. Was it all boys on this trip! You look like a happy couple on the bridge. Glad you love your city!

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