Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Say Hi to Bee Bruce

Bee Bruce
had her first picture taken yesterday!
I had the sonogram and we found out that we are having a girl! The doctor said that everything looks great! It was amazing seeing the baby moving around. What you are looking at is a zoomed in picture of her face and her fist. I even got to count all 10 fingers! I have a baby girl inside of me!
Proud Parents-to-Bee!


nate-in-the-box 1:24 AM  

if you concentrate real hard you can probably turn that inny into an outy. congrats, again, very happy for you both. i will still love her even if she's supposed to be a boy.

Bee's Crazy Gramma 3:59 PM  

Okay, what happenned to Li'l Shelley? Cory is sure handling you having Marvin's baby graciously. Love you both and Li'l Bee too!

Ashley 1:23 AM  

Ha ha, Annie SHIPPEL??!?!?!? Congratulations and say hi to Bee for us.

Anonymous 3:20 AM  

YEAH!! Baby Bee! Now I can just keep my suggested boys name for myself. Congratulations! Miss you and love you lots!! -mal

Anonymous 10:28 PM  

Beautiful Baby Bee Bruce Buzzing Bountifylly Beyond Belief! Bravo!
So Happy...So Proud!
Love, Gma Bruce

David Serchuk 6:36 PM  

Congratulations on your new child. It is the best thing that ever happened to us! Lovely blog as well, keep it up!


Anonymous 2:05 AM  



Bakka 6:43 PM  

is there a little bit of incest going on? it says philips shippel.....


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