Saturday, June 28, 2008

Big Apple Here We Come!

Grandma Peggy, Shelley and Franky arrived safely last night.

We are off for a day in the Big Apple.
Breakfast at Cafe Shane's.
It is so great to have family around!
After breakfast we took a stroll through the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.
It was Grandma's first time on the subway!
Cory went home while the rest of us headed to Manhattan.
Here she goes!
Times Square!
Every Theater person needs to stop off at Sardi's for the show!
We went and show Hairspray!!!

It was a great show! I loved everything about it. No pictures are allowed of course but I had to sneak just one (even if it is awful). The center person (big woman in red dress) is George Wendt ("Norm"). Hairspray is one of my favorite movies too!I know this picture is really bad, but if you look closely you can see why I took it. Chris Rock was at the show with his kids.

Pizza at Lombardi's!!! So yummy. While we were eating there was a thunderstorm going on outside. Fortunately it didn't last long and it cooled down the weather even more.

I had no idea Cannoli's were so good! They are Grandma's favorite!
Little Italy is always fun!

Grandma and I are home now (we are too old and pregnant to be out too late) and Cory went into the city to meet up with Shelley and Franky for a goold old time!


Anonymous 12:34 AM  

It is so great that you have your family there this week you are off from school! You have a great time! I am so jealous seeing all the cool things to do in NYC! Great times! Enjoy!
Love, Grandma-2-Bee

Anonymous 3:46 AM  

Hey C&A...
Just wanted to quote, "What God has joined together, let No man (or woman) put assunder." Stay strong in the Lord. Grow together! "Trust in the Lord...HE will direct your paths." May God's love, joy, and peace fill your souls as you seek comfort in HIS perfect will for your lives and Bee's!
Love, thoughts, and prayers to you lovebirds!

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