Sunday, July 06, 2008

Happy July 4th

July 4th Cory and I went into Manhattan. We met up with Clem for an hour and went window shopping on Broadway.
Cory and I had lunch at a Vegan Pizza Place in the East Village on 11st and 2nd Avenue. It was wonderful! After that I was in the mood for a Boba at my favorite place on St. Marks. You can't really see the boba jellies because they are blending in with the watermelon slushie. We then went and played frisbee before returning to Brooklyn.
I made a video of part of the finale of the fireworks that were shot off at the South Street Seaport. We have learned that to get a great view you need to arrive early. We had a tree and a building blocking our view but it was still an amazing show.

You can see part of the Manhattan skyline on the bottom left. You can also see one of five 120 foot waterfalls that are on display.


Anonymous 2:37 PM  

Those fireworks look almost as good as Hanford's. We had a safe and sane 4th. Midget

Brady & Jarin 12:23 PM  

Hey Annie! Happy 4th of JUly. Sorry, I just now got caught up on your blog. So where is the latest pregnant belly picture? I've got to see a good profile:) I love the ultrasounds and her name is adorable. I can't wait to meet her! Did you have fun with Shelly, Frankie and Grandma? You all looked so happy. Love you!


Anonymous 11:45 AM  

You're lookin' good! Great fireworks video! We are lovin' on Cory! Wish you could be here! Hope you have a quiet wonderful 15 days. Take it easy and be safe!

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