Monday, October 29, 2007

The Only Two Guarantees in Life: Death and Junk Mail

Here are NY pictures and the rest of the Hanford pictures that I found. I am leaving next Sunday to travel with 19 students to Nicaragua for a week.

Lyle and Me

Hanford Carousel

Hanging out at Scott and Ashley's house!

Chris has recently graduated from Army Boot Camp. Way to go Pancake! He is now waiting to here where he gets placed.

Me and My Husband

Here is Cory's Trip to our New Dentist in Manhattan

Say Ahhhhhh

They got it all...a water jug, a flat screen, leather couches, and speedy service.

My mom received a piece of junk mail at our apartment. I am having trouble with coming up with an accurate description/pun for this situation. Cory's suggestion was... "Was this sent by the post-mortem office?" Can anyone else do better?

The weather has been really nice lately. This is a picture of me right by our front door.

This picture was taken at Nana (one of our favorite Thai places in the back courtyard).


ASDude 1:46 AM  

Nicaragua, that's sound interesting, can you give more details on that??
Oh, by the way I stole one of your blog pictures

nate-in-the-box 10:22 AM  

how perfect is the lighting on that picture of you! you look good. and the shot down the dentist hallway is a very nice composition too, curse you and your good photographic eye.

nicaragua should be awesome, hope you have a good time, bring bugspray.

Anonymous 10:38 AM  

Dead Letter Department?

Anonymous 10:35 PM  

hey annie, kristin b. here! just read that you're coming to my neighborhood! i'm in honduras at the moment, wish i could come down and visit you while you're in CA (central america, that is). have a great trip! we'll have to get together over christmas, i fly in the same day. see ya!

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