Monday, October 01, 2007


Cory is in Paris, France right now! He is filming a documentary about Susan Tabak while she attends fashion shows in Paris for Fashion Week. Susan is paying him to shoot and edit films for her. Cory arrived late Saturday night and will arrive back in New York Tuesday, October 9th. I miss him already, but I am excited for him. He is staying with our friend, Anna. Thanks so much Anna! Actually, Anna is letting him stay at her apartment by himself. She is staying with her parents. We met Anna (best friend of Clem) in New York while she was here in the summer for an internship.
It was Cory's birthday last week. This picture was taken with my cell phone. I have more pictures but they are on the other computer and I would like to go and take a shower now. I apologive for my in-frequent blogs lately. Not to have too many excuses, but I am really busy.
Bonne nuit


ASDude 3:22 AM  

looks like a atomic bomb on the cake?
Gute Nacht

Anonymous 10:47 PM  

Great to see this blog! Finally....back online! Can hardly wait to get more Paris news and pics! Bonne.... something!
love, mom

Anonymous 7:16 PM  

More! More! I want More!

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