Monday, October 29, 2007

Cory's Pictures of Paris

All of these pictures with the exception of the first one was taken in Paris by Cory. I ran across this fun picture of me Mallory and Cory (taken by Kristian). Soon, we can re-create this photo because Cory and I will be home on December 20th for Christmas. We booked our flight into Fresno today! We are really excited. We really miss our family and friends.


ASDude 1:51 AM  

Great Paris pictures.
20th December? That might me the day I am leaving for Germany, what time are you coming in?

nate-in-the-box 10:16 AM  

sweet pics. ah paree.nice mcdo photo.

Anonymous 7:56 PM  

Tres Chic in Paris.... I see other New Yorkers got to the New York Ave sign before you. Midget

Anonymous 10:44 AM  

Hey ASDUDE, do they have bike racks on the planes now? M

Mouretta 5:30 PM  

Corey....Can you print me a pic or e-mail the pic od the eiffel tower??? I would like to print it in BW and frame it to put in my office since my theme is Paris....
Thanks, Mouretta

Mouretta 5:32 PM  

Sorry, I want the close up crooked one...Love it....Great photos...Hope you guys had a great time...

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