Friday, August 26, 2011

Roller Coaster

NYC is having a roller coaster summer when it comes to the weather! A few days ago we felt and earthquake and this weekend a hurricane is coming. Other than that the weather has been amazing! On Monday we took Bee to Coney Island. We played on the beach then we went to Luna Park. Mondays this month for Brooklyn residents you can get a 4 hour unlimited pass for $13. So our little Bee rode on 16 rides in 2 hours before going home to take a well deserved nap. The biggest ride of the day was a fast roller coaster.

Bee's favorite ride of the days were the boats! I went on with her a couple of times but then the last 6 were all on her own and that's how she preferred it!

Hurricane Irene is approaching NYC. We are on high ground in Brooklyn so we are safe. We have a fun weekend of indoor activities planned. We won't be surprised if we loose electricity on Sunday so if you call and we don't answer it's because we have turned off our phones to save battery life as we won't know when it will get turned back on and we want to be safe.

Bee got new tap shoes today so we will be doing a lot of dancing this weekend!


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