Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bee the Swimming Bee

We have returned from our 2nd California trip of the summer! We went to Ca for the 2nd time to go to Grandma Lois' memorial service. Also, because Uncle Frank's memorial service kept getting pushed back we were fortunate to also be able to attend his Memorial service too.

I of course have a ton of pictures but can only do a little bit of blogging at a time.

Today's blog is all about Bee swimming in California!

Bee and Aunty Shelley
Aunt Tammy and Bee

Bee loved playing in this baby pool at Mimi and Papa's house.

Bee and her Mimi playing in the funnest baby pool ever!

Swimming with Papa Robert
Night swimming! Bee loved being about to swim by herself with the pool floatie Aunt Melissa gave her.

Bee with a little help had fun jumping off the diving board! This is a picture of the first time she jumped. was the first one she did!


Shelley 12:58 PM  

Oh, I love swimming Bee!!!!!!!!

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