Saturday, May 14, 2011

More Brooklyn in May

The azaleas were happening at the BBG this week!
And the bluebells are starting to bloom!

Mother's Day 2011
My third Mother's day and the best so far! Every year (so far) I make us matching outfits.
Bee and Will
Bee at church with some of the other 2 year olds!

I love Bee!!!

Hallie, Jon, and Max came to visit!

Bee loves to draw and likes to try and draw letters. Can you tell what these letters are?

Felix, Edgar and Bee
Bee and I got hair cuts last week from Mary! I'm enjoying having short hair! I wanted a hair cut that was short enough that I would not be able to put it in a pony tail! It's amazing how you can notice your hair growing when you have short hair! It's only been a week and it feels so much longer!
The lilacs were amazing! I can still smell them!

Bee enjoying the lilacs!
The cherry blossoms this year were amazing! Thank you God!
Bee had fun with the flowers!
Bee riding her new scooter for the first time!
Bee and I went to Manhattan to go to buy a new case for my camera then we went to the playground and then to the pier for the views!


BeeBeesOriginals 5:07 AM  

Really Sweet Pictures! Great new camera! Love your hair cuts! It really changes both of you!
Love to all!

Rachel :) 12:03 PM  

Hair cuts look great and so do the pictures. Looks like you are really enjoying your new camera - the flowers are beautiful and even sweeter with Bee in the photos!!

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