Sunday, May 15, 2011

Aunty Shelley

Aunty Shelley pictures from her recent visit! I had planned on putting up more pictures but I think this is all I'll be able to do for now. My computer is not doing so good...or is it the internet that is so slow? Both!
Shelley was here when Spring was at it's springiest! We went back to the BBG as much as we could that week!

We went to the aquarium and Coney Island one morning! The walrus is coming to say hello!

Walking through Manhattan!
We went to an awesome kids street fair. More free arts and crafts for kids that you can imagine! Papa Smurf and Smurfette were there promoting the new Smurf movie. Before we left the house we searched for smurf clothes for Bee to wear!

Bee and I leave Tuesday morning for CA! Next time I blog I will be in CA!


Shelley 1:49 AM  

I had soo much fun! Miss you guys and my little Bee to pieces. See you soon!

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