Thursday, January 06, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 was great! Here are some Christmas Pictures! We have truly been blessed by God and we have so much to be thankful for!

The October Moms group got together at Barbara's house for a festive holiday party!
Bee excited about all of the man-made snow! We had no idea the next week we would have a blizzard!!!
Bee and I in front of the set of Mr. Popper's Penguins. They were inside working in interior shots! I can take a picture in front of this house anytime but thought it would be fun to take it while the movie was being filmed! It is dark outside at this time but with bright lights it looked like day time on this house!
I was told that the penguins used for the movie were real but are going be gree-screened into parts of the movie but there was a penguin puppet on set! Probably to be used as a "stand-in" for the real penguins.

They were shooting interiors at this time.
From across the street Bee, Oscar, Mike and I watched the "movie!" The kids enjoyed it but I'm not sure what they think a movie is! We could not see the movie being filmed at this time since they were inside but got to watch the crew call out "cut" and "rolling!"

Bee has been really enjoying all of the Christmas trees she sees! She wanted to get a closer look at this tree in Grand Army Plaza near our house!

Christmas Oranges!!!
My dad sent us a big box of blood oranges straight from Grandma Asta and Papa Tom's tree in Lemoore! It was a very special surprise!

Christmas Eve eve we went to Bryna and Felix's house for dinner! Bryna made yummy soup and quiche!The kids exchanged presents! Here we are waiting for the subway. Bee insisted on holding her new toys until we got home!

We went to Candace's house for Christmas eve! She made an amazing spread of food! Bee wasted no time getting to work on all of the food!

Candace the cook! Thanks Candace!

Bruce Family Photo

Group photo!!! Candace, Seamus, Sean, Declan, Me, Bee and Cory!
Thanks for a very special Christmas Eve!

Video chatting with Uncle Nate a few days before Christmas! He showed us his puppy Wren and all of his nice birds!

Santa came to our house! And so did Mimi, Papa, Grandma Lois, Grandma Asta, Papa Tom, Nana Jill, Papa Robert, Uncle Jason , Aunt Melissa, Kerry, Aunt Shelley, Grandma Peggy, and Aunty Tammy! Not sure how everyone got these presents through our fireplace. As it's been sealed in for decades! But thank you everyone!
Bee patiently waited until Christmas Eve and Christmas to open her presents!
We might live on opposite coasts as our family but we are still together on Christmas! Thanks Ichat!
Grandma Lois and Nate

Mimi Marlene, Papa Lyle, Dottie the doggy!Aunt Mary, Lindsay, Grandma Peggy, Aunt Tammy and Aunt Shelley!
Papa Tom, Jason, Melissa, Grandma Asta, Jill and my Dad.
Bee has so much fun opening presents!
The story goes...Bee wanted has been wanting a pink bike for a few months now. She told Santa and Santa told Mimi and Papa. Mimi and Papa got Bee a bike. The bike only came in silver so I tried to convince Bee she wanted a silver bike but it was not what her heart wanted. Cory had a good idea to modify her silver bike. Amazon shipped me pink gaffer tape within a few days. Silver bike is no more!

Bee opening her "pink bike" on Christmas morning!

Silver Bike...
Pink Bike! With a hello kitty purse sent by Grandma Lois!
Bruce family tradition...pillow fort! Pillow Fort 2010 is our biggest yet! It was in our whole living room!
Anna and Mike came over for a Christmas dinner! Bee eating an avocado!
Red and Green!
We were so busy on Christmas that we didn't get to Bee's Christmas stocking until the evening.
Elf Bee handing Cory a present she wrapped for him!
Anna, Mike, Cory and Bee!
Hat from Teddy and Bike from Mimi and Papa! Bee had a great day!

Family picture with some of our new toys!

Bee is my baby baboon! We love going to see the baby baboons (born last fall) at the Prospect Park zoo. The baby baboons ride on the mommy's back so that is what we like to do too!

Stay tuned for Blizzard of a Blog!


Happynhanford 3:16 PM  

What a happy time! Annie, you are amazing with pink tape. It looks wonderful! Bee is blessed with creative, thoughtful, talented parents!
One of my favorite pictures is Bee in Grand Army Plaza by the tree. That is a great shot! Of course, I love all the family shots with all the happy smiles.
Yes, you are blessed!
Looking forward to the Blizzard Blog. Looks like another one is coming.
So glad to be blessed with kids like you!
Love to all, Mimi

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