Saturday, January 08, 2011

Brooklyn Blizzard Bombards Bee Big Blog

We had a "White day after Christmas" here in New York! When we left for Church that Sunday morning everyone was snow free and when we got home...

Snow Time!
December 26th

December 27th
Notice the stairs!

December 26th
At the start of the blizzardDecember 27th early in the morning!
An hour later neighbors began to start the job of clearing a path!
The morning after the blizzard I thought for sure I wouldn't set outside...but I couldn't help myself! I love snow!
My street corner! It was super windy! But super fun!

The day after the blizzard we went out in the afternoon to take Bee out on her sled for the first time!

First family snow day picture of the year!
New Yorks are mad at NYC for not plowing the streets sooner. Took them 2-3 days to plow most streets. I wish they had been faster at plowing the streets because it caused a big safety issue. However, this enabled me and Bee to run errands via the sled. It was super fun. Here we are in the middle of our street two days after the blizzard.

Playing in our temporary front yard! The street was plowed hours later.

Bee and Cory on top of a good sledding hill! It was fun going down the hills but it was even more fun watching the brave kids! There were some hills I wouldn't go down! Maybe next year!

Bye-Bye I'm going to sled down a hill now!

Bee playing in the snow at sunset!

Bee was totally feeling like a big girl! She went down the hill on the sled by herself and then she wanted to pull the sled home herself!

We went on a snow adventure through the park! It was a beautiful day! Notice Cory in his t-shirt! We always seem to wear more than we need!
Sledding is fun!
Bee loving her daddy!
Bee making pictures in the snow!

Family Snow Picture
Bee was excited to wear another Mimi Original!
Bee smiling because she loves her MIMI!
We watched the fireworks display in Prospect Park!

At Azel and Bryants house for a New Year's Day brunch!
Ellie and BEE
Bee saw her clown tutu in her closet and wanted to be a clown again! Here she is making a silly face!
Bee and daddy working!

Bryant, Azel, Ellie, Teddy, Bee, Cory and Annie at our house for dinner and hanging out!


Three's Company at the Secondo's 6:02 PM  

Stellar blog on stellar life. When are the cherry blossoms? Can't wait.

Happynhanford 6:39 PM  

Fantastic pictures and captions. Great alliteration title! Pics of Bee and Cory working is cute! Snow was amazing! I remember loving the snow when I was younger. Can't take it anymore....
So glad you enjoy your life and live in the moments!
Love to all,

Anonymous 8:24 PM  

Randomly came across your blog. you have a beautiful family, just new to the blogging thing and hope to keep it up. Check out my blog and follow if you'd like Take care

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