Monday, December 27, 2010

Jim Carrey came to Town

Jim Carrey's been filming his new movie "Mr. Popper's Penguin." Part of the movie was filmed on our block! They filmed exterios on Tuesday and moved inside for the interios on Wednesday. I talked with the woman whoes house they were using and she said that they were staying at a hotel while the film crew was in town! I was glad that she let them use her house! It was fun watching the film set!

Jim Carrey!
Film crew getting set up.
I was standing next to some paparazzi!
For the wide shots they needed the whole block to look like the day after a snow shower! So...they made it snow!!!
The blocks of ice were 300lbs each and took about 1 minute for the machine to make it into snow! This is the view from my window! Bee and I quickly ran outside to get a closer look!

Bee has snow in her hand! She wanted to bring it inside!

It was fun being the only block in all of NYC with snow on it!

A video of them making it snow!

Upcoming blogs include Christmas and the real Blizzard to come to NYC! Currently our block is literally full of real snow! They street has yet to be plowed so the street is full!!!!!


Three's Company at the Secondo's 11:19 PM  

Pretty Exciting! Enjoy the real snow that has been dumped. They are calling it a huricane with snow. Sounds cold to me! Bundle that girl up! XOXOXO

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