Saturday, October 23, 2010

October Fun For Everyone! Except for Anti-bike people!

Dalia and Bee!

Two thumbs up!

Playing at Dalia's house is so much fun!!! Bee and Dalia like a lot of the same things! Babies, pretend food, books, drawing, and puzzles to name a few!

October baby Eva turned two and we were there to celebrate! She had a fun party at her house!
Bee knew that the water coming out of the fire hydrant was not a normal thing! She stopped to check it out!

We met Bryna, Olgierd and Felix at the BBG!
The big heron bird provided a lot of entertainment for the kids! If they got too close the bird would fly away really low to the ground!

Bee had her 2 year doctor appointment! Here she is with the toy cash register and Dr. Gately! It was the best doctor visit! No shots and no crying!
Last Thursday there were protests at 8am because of the controversial bike lane that was implemented earlier this year on Prospect Park West. We live right by this street and we use the bike lane and have found it to be a perfect solution to bikers, pedestrians and speeding cars. Not everyone feels this way. You can read an article from this link in which Cory was quoted. Technically they did not quote him exactly as he has never used the word "erk" but they go the general idea of how he felt!

It was a friendly protest! Lots of families and bikers came to let everyone know how the bike lane has changed their lives for the better!
Bee and I traveled by subway to go visit NY Transit Museum.
Bee's favorite was driving the buses!

The museum is all underground in an old subway station. On the lowest level there are real subway tracks with old subway cars that you can go in! Bee loved it!
Notice the fans and old seat covers! The old ads are really cute too!

Bee selling subway tokens!
I took Bee to a pumpkin patch in upstate NY that specializes in mini pumpkins!

The pumpkin patch happened to be in a Trader Joes!

Teddy's dad, Doug came to visit from Canada!

Fridays for me and Bryna are special! They are "Adventure Fridays!" For this adventure we went to Manhattan to go houseplant shopping!
We played at the Union Square playground for a while! This disk is a lot of fun for kids and adults! It is on an angle and depending on where you are on it you can make it spin!
These pineapple trees caught our eyes!
We looked at plants for sale at the Union Square green market (14th st) and in the flower district (28th). Here we are in a shop with lot of green plants and orchids!
These are the plants that I bought! I bought all 7 plants for $20 at the Union Square Green Market! I bought these specific plants because they are all known to be pretty easy to care for and for being good at purifying indoor air! I bought two rubber plants because rubber plants are also good at acting as humidifiers. Even if they don't purifier my air too much they are still nice to have around! Bee enjoys them too!

Dinner Party!
Michelle, Scott and Edgar came over to spend the evening with us!
"Pink Camera" is what Bee wanted for her 2nd birthday from us! She loves it and is starting to understand the camera better!
Counting and Jumping video!

Bee got her first baseball glove today! She said "baseball" about a hundred times today! Bee had her first baseball lesson today!


Travel_with_a_purpose 7:31 PM  

Bee is adorable and you always have so many fun things going on. No wonder you love NYC!

Rachel :) 12:59 AM  

Great blog! I love the part about adventure fridays!! That is a great idea :)

Happynhanford 5:01 PM  

"I want to see Bee. I want to see Bee" too!!!!
Very cute! Fun times! Love the pink baseball mitt and the lesson! Counting while you jump looks challenging! Funny! That was a big heron! What fun times you are having!
Thanks for sharing!
Love you guys!

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