Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bee is Two Years old!

Bee turned two last Wednesday 10/13/10! To celebrate we gathered in Prospect Park on a hill with some of Bee's friends! Bee had so much fun that she still asks for more party! Here are some pictures from the afternoon! For more pictures check out the beautiful pictures that my Michelle took!
The password to view the pictures is annieandcory

Bee loves balloons!
Bee and the kids ate lots of snacks!
Michelle the photographer and Edgar!
Bee was excited to show her friends how to roll down the hill!

Declan, Seamus and Cory!

Astrid and Mia!
Dalia's grandparents were in town from Germany!
2 Years old! She is still my baby!
Michelle, Bee, Edgar and Cory!
Amy, Gillian and Leah!
Sabrina, Rebekah and Jonas!
Hannah, Alice, Alice, Anna, Elliotte!

Giant rubber band games!

Bee having a try at the slack line!We had Bee's party on top of a hill and it was a lovely day!

Azi and Roya
Owen, Bridget and Brandon!
Seamus, Candace and Declan!
Mark Edward, Judy,Bee! Congrats to Judy she went into labor today!
Shabnam, Sita, Isa, and Amy
Going Home!

Olgierd, with Felix and Edgar and Jennifer is in the background with Oscar and Bee!
Trish and Claire
Emily, Jonas and Rebekah!
Amanda and Noah!
Clem and Bee!

Leila and Sari!
Bryna, Olgierd and Felix!
Michelle and Edgar!
Oscar and Jennifer!
Coloring with Clem!
Bee having fun with the parachute!

Bye Bye!
Sam and Bee!
Felix and Bee at the Children's Museum!
Bee impressed me with her crafting skills!


Happynhanford 2:26 AM  

The party looks like a great success! There were a lot of people! You did some really fun things!
Bee is darling as ever!
Love the video!
Love the blog!
Hugs to all,

Jon and Jolie 1:45 PM  

It looks like you guys had so much fun! Bee looks great in her shirt! Happy Birthday, Bee!!!

Travel_with_a_purpose 2:54 PM  

What a fun time -- Happy Birthday, Bee!

Three's Company at the Secondo's 6:46 PM  

Looks like a great party...dang that girl is growing up!

nate-in-the-box 10:03 PM  

I even watched the movie!


Very nice.

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