Monday, September 06, 2010

Summer don't go!

All I can think about is how super tired I am right. This mega blog took forever. I look forward to the day when mega blogs are easier. I need the pictures to upload faster!!!
I needed to get caught up because we leave for CA Wednesday morning! We are super excited!

Bee's having an early birthday celebration! I hope you all can make it!

Bee loves the carousel!!!!!!!!

It is because of this owl that Bee loves owls!
Bryna, Olgierd, Felix Bee and Cory!

Farmers market!
We bought the teeny tomatoes!

Bee was excited to find a green tomato with all of the other red ones!
Owen, Bee, Zoe and Leah!

Baby Lucy, Baby Jillain, Porter, Amy, Bridget and Brandon!

Happy Birthday to Bryna!!!
We spent the day in Manhattan!

I made Bryna and Felix aprons!
Filming for 30 Rock!

Kristy and Friends at the park!

Bee and I went to the beach by ourselves! We had a fun time! Bee wanted me to make her a car just like daddy did for her the last time she was at the beach! Bee thought it was a lot of fun when the water unexpectedly reached all the way to her car!

After the beach we went to the aquarium. Bee looks unhappy in this picture only because she didn't want to sit still! She loves to run at the aquarium!!! It's hard to keep up with her!

Sermon Spice!!!
Teddy playing the guitar!

Guinea Pig! Olgierd took us to the house they were house sitting at to feed the guinea pigs!

Stella and Bee!
Ak-mak break while at Coney Island for Stella and Bee!

We met Teddy, Amy, Charlie, Sam, Stella, Candace, Seamus and Declan at the beach!

Gaia, Bee and Ellie hanging out! It seems like yesterday that they were babies!

Sarah is back! She spend the past 3 weeks in Germany. She brought us back some nice gifts including a baby doll for Bee! Bee loves baby dolls!
On our way to Mark Edward's 3rd Birthday Party!

A super fun Thomas the Train 3rd Birthday party for Mark Edward!!!

Bee loved filling her bag full of goodies! Bee doesn't get to eat the candy but it was still fun bagging it up!
We were practicing our colors! Bee is not holding candy...but a learning tool!
Bee borrowed Owens helmet and scooter!
Group picture!
Judy is due in October! Baby shower at the Chocolate room! So yummy!
Smile B!!!
Fun Yummy dinner at Candace, Sean, Declan and Seamus' house!!!
Cute pic of Bee and Seamus. It kind of looks like they are in a restaurant together!

Noah, Amanda and Peter! It was Noah's first birthday party!!!
Noah had a cool pool in his backyard for all of the kids to play in!


Travel_with_a_purpose 12:49 AM  

What a fun summer! We are looking forward to seeing you at the end of the week. Susan

Happynhanford 11:32 AM  

Nice blog! Love the beach scenes! Sarah is a fabulous neighbor! That doll is very cute! Love all the adventures you have and document!
Can hardly wait for Friday!
Bee's Mimi

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