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California Here we Come, Right Back Were We Started From!

Bee, Cory and I are in California! Cory grew up in Hanford and I grew up in Lemoore! It is fun being back surrounded by lots of memories and our families! We flew Jetblue (great flight) to SFO where Aunt Shelley picked us up. She took us back to her house (Same house where my mom grew up) and we went the siteseeing route! Over the Golden Gate Bridge and then through an awesome little town (I don't remember the name). My camera was not readily available at the time so I didn't take any pictures! Little Bee had fallen asleep in the car she she missed it all! She would of liked the bridge!
Bee had a great time picking vegetables with Shelley! Shelley grew lots of plants on all sides of the house! Here is the gigantic basil plant!
Shelley made basil pesto pasta for dinner with a big great salad!
Bee and Shelley with all of the vegetables! Shelley got off of craigslist the big letter B and E for free! So fun!
My cousin Spencer came to visit! So we took a quick family picture! Buddy, Shelley, Grandma Peggy, Spencer, Bee, Cory and Annie!
Then Franky got home so we took another family picture!
Family dinner!
Franky now owns his own plumbing business! Here his is going to work! He is having decals made for his van!
Shelley took us on a walk to the local tot spot!
Shelley and Bee take buddy for a ride!

The view from the top!

Kerry Weisser drove down for a visit! I have known Kerry and her family sine I was 3 years old and we have been best friends ever since!
Franky, Rebecca, Cory, Bee, Spencer, Grandma Peggy, Buddy and Shelley.
We all went up to the lake!
Looking at the camera or looking away? I couldn't decide which one was cuter!

Skipping rocks is fun! Franky won the contest for the most skips!
Driving through Fairfax brings back lots of memories. I have been coming to visit Grandma since I was a baby!
Cousin Franky and Bee!
The log cabin that Shelley, Grandma Peggy and Franky built on the front of their property in Marin! With the exception of some of the beams in the inside the cabin was built from salvaged materials!
The cabin is used to display the furniture that Shelley and Granma Peggy have fixed up to sell!
We went on a walk! Bee loved walking Buddy!
We went to the track at Sir Francis Drake High School! My mom and her sisters all went here for school! Bee ran all the way around the track with me! Future track star...?
Amtrak is fun!

Amtrak is a luxury ride compared to air travel because we have a lot more room! We sat at one of the tables! It made the 4 hr 15 min ride go be pretty quick!
Aunt Tammy picked us up from the Amtrak Station in Hanford!
Mimi Marlene had a perfect chair all ready for Bee! She recovered the chair in a soft purple fabric. The chair belonged to Papa Lyle when he was a kid!
I love breakfast time at Grandma and Papa's house!
Tommy and Bee!
Annie, Papa Tom, Bee, Uncle Tommy, Grandma Lois and Cousin Rosco!
Bee went swimming with her cousin Callie!
Blocks are fun! These girls know how to smile and say "cheese!"
We went to church at South Valley in Lemoore and we stopped to take a picture in front of the old original church. This is where Cory and I got married in 2006!
Grandpa Robert, Bee, Me, Aunt Melissa, Nana Jill and Uncle Jason at church!
Bee sees Papa's cake for the first time!
Melissa and Deanna!
Debbie made all of the amazing treats for Bee's Tea Party! She totally outdid herself with them! They were all so cute and delicious!

On the amazing food table were lots of family memories! A teapot handpainted by Grandma Asta, Rose bouquet put together by Nana Jill using roses from Grandma Sue's rose bushes, teapots from Grandma Lois and cute tea towels with Owls and teapots on them from Mimi Marlene and a table cloth from Great Grandma Colleen!
Mimi made this beatiful picture quilt for Bee!

It's fun to be a kid at a party at Mimi's house! Mimi outdid herself with all of the art projects she had ready for the kids! We had goodie bags for the kids when they came and they made puppets and decorated canvas bags that Mimi hand dyed and sewed!

Tom and Asta gave bee her princess tiara!
I helped Bee open her presents!
Melissa and Tessa!
Carol and Lindsey look at all of the dresses that Mimi made! She sells them and they are so cute! Bee has many of them including her new one she wore to her party!
The party spread to the back porch! It was a beautiful day in Hanford!
Papa Robert, Mama Annie, Bee and Papa Lyle's #2 cake! Papa Lyle put the cake in just the right spot for this picture!
Susan, Becky, Papa Tom, Grandma Asta, Grandma Lois. Susan made Bee the B crown and Becky is a friend we met last year while we were in Hanford and it turns out that they apartment we know live in is in the same building in Brooklyn that she lived in over 20 years ago! Small world!
Jolie, husband Jon and son Ethan came down from Fresno. Jolie and I grew up together!
It's fun to be young! Jason is a sophomore this year and this is his girlfriend!

Bee asking for more after we sang "Happy Birthday" to her!
Bee practiced blowing out the candles before the party started and when it came time to blow out her candles at her party she was a pro! She was having so much fun they were re lit a few ties for her!
Carol and Bee!
Yummy cake made by Papa Lyle! Bee loved it! And no sugar!!!
Bee and her great grandparents!
Ashley and Heather!
Mimi made a super cute hand painted party sign for Bee!
Dennis and Joe brought Bee her first lottery ticket! Dennis helped her scratch her way to winning $6!
Joe, Kristian, Taylor, Dottie, Cory, Lyle, baby Ainsley, Grandma Lois, Mimi, Bee, Pancake, Dennis, and Kate!
Godfather Joe drove down from LA with Dennis! They are so great!
Bruce family picture!
Bee had fun playing with Suzy! Suzy was Mimi Marlene's doll from when she was a little girl!

Wonder where Bee gets her curly hair? Thanks Cory and Grandma Lois!
Bee and Great Grandma Lois!
Bee in Taylor's car with Lenny and Milhouse!
Steady Evan! Evan bought Cory equipment for his own slackline! It is super fun but super difficult! Thanks Evan!
Go Cory Go!
Taylor, Bee and Karl! Taylor has 6 dogs but Karl is Bee's favorite!
Asta and Bee! Asta painted the hearts on the overalls Bee is wearing for me almost 30 years ago!!!
Bee, Uncle Tommy, and Rosco!
Bee with Grandma Asta's purse and shoes!
Bee is wearing a pair of shoes from when I was a toddler!
Bee and Tammy at the thrift store! I asked Bee to "look up" and she did!
Cory, Darin and the gaint rubber band!
Millie and Bee sharing! Tasha is an amazing mom! 4 kids! All of her kids are so won!
My turn!
Cory, Bee, Aimee, Tasha, Ian, Ella, Millie, Mike, Evan, Darin, and Evan!
Bee and Grandma Lois!!!!
Bee and Cory going down the hill! It was Bee's idea!
Scott and Ashley had us over for dinner! We ate outside and then went inside to play some games! Twister, Last Word and Jenga!
Bee practiced the piano at Mimi's house for a long time all on her own!
Bee has been waiting for Thursday night farmer's market since we arrived in Hanford. We knew that it would be open for the market. She saw the carousel before Thursday but it was not open so we had to tell her that the carousel was sleeping! But it woke up!!!!!
For Bee's second round of the carousel Aunt Tammy went with he. Then we went on a walk with Papa Lyle looking at all of the vendors we went back to the carousel only to find it had just broken down. Boy was Bee upset! We are hoping the carousel will be working again this weekend!
Bee and I went on the big bouncy slide at the Hanford farmer's market! Bee loved it!

I went to visit my good friend Melissa and her brother Matt and their kids! She was on my very first softball team and we have been friends since! I think I was 10 years old
Tommy, Me and my dad!
Lunch with Grandma Asta, my dad Robert, Brother Tommy, Papa Tom and Cory! Bee was taking a nap!
Grandma Asta taught Bee an Estonian dance!
Bee had a fun time lounging in the pool with Cory and Jason!
Friday afternoon with the dogs at my dad's house! This was the last photo of the day from my camera because the memory card was full. Jill got some other pictures from her camera I will post at a later time!


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