Friday, July 02, 2010

Blog of Bee Videos

I have a ton of pictures but I thought I would do a mega video blog for now instead!
While I was working on this blog I was watching the movie called "Dog Hachiko." If you watch it you might cry. I cried so very hard. If you have ever lost a loved one or just love dogs then be prepared to cry. Or maybe I am just having an extra sensitive day?? But I did hear that a certain someone named KB cried while watching this movie? Is this true KB?

Bee's First Carousel Ride!

Bee's friend Louise sings "Ring around the Rosie"

Ring around the Rosie! They do all fall down!

Bee watering plants at the BBG with Seamus and Declan

Bee playing with bubbles at the bubble battle of 2010 in Times Square.

There was an amazing amount of bubbles! It was so much fun!

Bee dancing while we were visiting Governor's Island. At the end of the video Bee stands on her tippy toes for you! I realized a little too late that my camera lens was clouded with bubbles! So that is why this video is a little clouded!

Bee discovers fireflies for the first time!

Clip for the Polo Match we went to see on Governor's Island.


Happynhanford 10:36 PM  

I loved them all, but nothing compares with the Firefly discovery flick! Waving goodbye and deciding to leave on her own and drag you all with her....cute!
Thanks for sharing!

Bakka 3:33 AM  

alas. it is not true. i did not actually watch the movie. it was taylor and her cousin.....

Bakka 4:10 AM  

those bubbles must be the way times square does its annual cleaning. and it needs it.....

Three's Company at the Secondo's 9:23 AM  

Once you've sen the fireflies the party is over. Last call, the Bee taxi is leaving!

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