Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Fun with Bee!

Bubble Battle in Times square!

Bee and Cory had their own polo match while we were at the Veuve Clicquot Annual Polo Match!

On Governors Island they have a bunch of fun hammocks to lounge in!Cooling off in the sprinklers at the BBG!
Felix was having fun playing in the dirt!
Hanging out under the tree!
Bee learning about Bees!
A bunch of October moms met up to say goodbye to Elizabeth and Nat. They moved to Maryland!

Ring around the rosie!

Chalk drawing with Dahlia!

Bee and Edgar enjoying a snack!
Strolling with her baby!

Bee took her baby off the beaten path for a nature walk!It's fun running into friends!
Bee thought it would be funny to sleep with all of her toys in the laundry basket!
Turtle Bee!
Bee's first carousal ride! She loved it!
Candace and I went out for a girls night!
The new playground at Pier 6 in Brooklyn Heights is awesome! Here Bee is playing with the water at Sand world!
Water world!

I love how blue the sky is! Bee loves the big girl swings!
A view of the Slide world from the Swing world!
We went geocaching in Prospect Park with Candace, Declan and Seamus!

I love this family!
Seamus and Declan were really sweet with Bee!
Running with the big boys!
Bee's new game is sorting beans!
Bee looked so cute in a vintage dress that she had collected!

Bee picked out her purse! I wonder if she knew that it was her only purse that matches her outfit!
Happy Fourth of July!
We spend the 4th of July afternoon with Bryna's and Anna's family! Fun time!
Waterballon contest! Olgierd and Bryna's dad won!

Kitty came to play!
Bee put the water balloons in her pockets!
I'm not sure what they are up to!
Hanging out!
Bee reading her Bible!
Hot Day! Bee and I searched for a cool place to hang out. The yogurt section at Key Foods was the coldest place we could find! The heat was not funny but Bee and I had a funny moment when we were at the grocery store the waterballons that Bee had been carrying in her pocket broke and she found herself standing in a puddle of water. The workers quickly came to clean it up and I told them "It is not what it looks like!"
Aunt Melissa (My little Sis) came to visit last Wednesday! Melissa stayed with us for a week to hang out with us, see the city and visit some schools! The plan is to transfer to a NYC school for interior design! I am so excited for her! We had a great time with her! Thanks for visiting Melissa!
We went to Bryant Park to watch a medley of Broadway shows. Every Thursday afternoon this summer a different group of Broadway shows will be doing some of their songs in Bryant Park! Bee switched sunglasses with Melissa!
Bee loves her sunglasses!
In Bryant Park they have a section for kids! Bee had fun drawing!
Bee loves the carousel!
Bee wanted more carousel ride!
Melissa and I stopped in Sephora to have some fun trying on makeup! Melissa and I never had a sister growing up so it's really fun to now to be able to hang out as sisters! A couple of things not pictured in this blog are us at the beach and us trying on clothes at Saks on 5th Ave! We had the best time!
Nap time for Bee!
Melissa tried some shoes on at Coach. Bee tried her shoes on!
Melissa and I got the tail end of a performance in Prospect Park. It was an awesome African Ballet kind of dance/music! It was awesome!
Waiting for the subway!
We went to lunch at Ryan's new job! Yummy!
We found a beetle on the ground while at Pratt. This is for you Nathan!
Bee working on her portfolio! Maybe someday she will go to art school!
Bee inspecting our huge bag of vegetables! Thanks again Candace!!!!! Candace has a sister who grows her own vegetables on her farm and Candace brought me alot of food back!
We enjoyed the display of costumes! Melissa and I were loving the dresses!
We went to the Brooklyn Musuem!
Brooklyn Library is fun!
Snack time in the toddler room at church!
We went to Pearl Paint on Canal Street! I have never seen so many art supplies! Melissa is an artist and found some paints to bring home to CA!
Bee has a ton of fun trying on jewelry! She wanted it all!
Lunch at Hampton Chutney Co! The sandwich is as big as Bee!
Enjoying the view from the top floor at Filenes Basement department store!
Bee rain boots!
Melissa bought books at the Strand!
Cory noticed his name on the sign!
New York School of Interior Design!
"Fuzzy" The caterpillar found his way to our window! Bee had fun going to get him leaves to eat. After one night of Fuzzy sleeping over we brought him back to the park!
Melissa's last night in town.


Happynhanford 12:18 AM  

Wow! You had a ton of pictures! Love the Bee and Jewelry one, playing polo, Bee and stroller, 4th of July with Annie and Bee! The vintage dress shots are terrific! The sunglasses and many with Melissa were wonderful! Thank you for sharing!
Love it!

Travel_with_a_purpose 4:57 AM  

Such great pictures! You make NYC look like SOOOO much fun!

nate-in-the-box 1:19 PM  

thank you for the fig beetle, i have yet to catch one. whenever they're around i never have my net.

what a beautiful little girl you have. you know i would tell you if this were not the case (maybe not here, in public, but still...) she is lovely, and expressive and you take wonderful photos of her.

i am dubbing my favorite photo "holy spirit, with bubbles"

Melissa 8:37 PM  

I love the sailor outfit! Miss you guys

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