Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Snow Snow...Spring???

Bee at a playground in FortGreene.

Choice Market! Lyle had just told us about this market that he saw on a television show and wondered if we had been there. I had never been here before but that's because I never paid attention to it before! It is near a children's consignment shop and the park that I like to take Bee to sometimes!
The food looked amazing!

Bee made the block trail all by herself!
Teddy and Cory!
Bee modeling new clothes that Shelley sent and a little bag that I made.
Here she is modeling comfy mismatched clothes with another purse I made from an upcycled pair of vintage pants that Shelley sent me.
Bee loves to "go!"
Amy practing to have two kids of her own! Yes! She is pregnant!!! Congratulations Amy, Joe and Gaia!!! This next Fall/Winter there will be a baby! We are all so excited!
Bee trying to show her belly button while she hangs out with some friends! Oscar, Olliver and Noah! Playing with doors is so much fun for toddlers!
Pigtail Bee and Daddy reading a book! This cute outfit was made by "Mimi." Bee loves her pink boots that Mimi and Papa sent!
Felix and Bee!
Bee likes to play with the keyboard!!!
Thank you Papa Robert, Nana Jill, Auntie Melissa and Uncle Jason for the fun presents!
Also in the mail I received my new Bible Study book "Grace Based Parenting." Bee likes going to bible study with me because she likes to play with the other kids!
Bee is definitely going to love to play basketball! Daddy is teaching her how to dribble! In this picture Bee is looking at her daddy. Keep your eyes on the ball Bee!
On the way to the museum we stopped to play in the snow!
Children's Musuem.
Our backyard on Wednesday! So much snow! Today is Saturday and there is still a ton of snow outside. Lots of big piles of snow everywhere!
I had never seen snow pile up on the tree branches and telephone lines like this before. It was probably 3 in in diameter.
CRAFT TIME! Bee has started to get more into crafts! She made a snowflake then went back to the art room at the Chilren's Musuem to make another picture!
These videos might seem to not be working but they should. I'm not sure why it starts out with a black screen.

Bee wearing her fun "yaya" shirt that Mimi sent her.

Bee "spinning" with her Daddy!


Happynhanford 3:36 PM  

Cute modeling pictures! Too bad the 1st video did not work, but I could see the YaYa shirt when she was in the blue chair. It's cute. Love the spin around video. Can't believe she wants more so much! Love to hear the laughs and giggles. Screams are cute!
I liked the bags you made....cute! The snow is amazing and beautiful. Too bad it has to be so cold!
Lovin the blog! Congratulations to Amy!
Love you!

Three's Company at the Secondo's 11:32 PM  

Good Times! Love and miss you!

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