Monday, February 01, 2010

Bye Bye January, Hello February

February!!! February is the hardest month for me because it's the month that feels like winter will never be over!

We gave Bee a set of play keys and she knew just what to do with them!

Bee was never that interested in her blocks until...this past weekend! She loves them now! She can stack them up on her own (her personal record with no help is 6 blocks).
Silly Girl!
Who let the Moose out?
Bee already likes to play dress up!
We got to watch Felix last week! Bee had fun playing with him! I learned that Felix loves blueberries! I never saw a baby eat blueberries to quickly!

We went down to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade! Bee had fun!
Bee and I were at the playground and this is the view! Not bad!
Bee loves it when Gaia comes to play!
All three kids were doing different things at the same time. Bee was searching for snacks!
Felix was looking at the paintings! (or trying to find the exit)
Gaia was having a blast in the middle of the giant room! You can see the guard in the background trying to figure out what the baby was doing!
3 Friends hanging out at the museum!
Bee feeding Felix!
Do you think Bee is the cutest baby? That is what we are hoping for! We entered her in Regis and Kelly's search for the cutest baby contest! She is the cutest baby to us!

A haircut for me was long over due. My awesome friend Mary cut my hair at her house. She is almost done with the hair styling school at Aveda in Manhattan! I'm hoping "Locks of Love" can get a few good hairs from my ponytail! It feels good to have shorter hair cut!


nate-in-the-box 8:48 PM  

i love bee's brown shirt. and your haircut is cute. happy february

Happynhanford 10:25 PM  

You have the cutest baby in the world! What a sweetheart! It is good to see how nice she is to her friends! Great pics and I LOVE YOUR HAIRCUT!
Hugs and Kisses to all!

Jon and Jolie 4:07 PM  

Happy groundhog day! I LOVE your new haircut! I totally think Bee could win. . . since we didn't enter Ethan in the contest (although, I thought about it). . . sorry I am a bit biased! lol! Have an awesome day!

Frank 4:35 PM  

Bee has a bear on her butt and you have a new doo. It is a good day.

Three's Company at the Secondo's 10:22 AM  

Love the doo! Bee will win, of course!

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