Saturday, January 03, 2009

8 Blogs In One

Hello!!! I lots of pictures to share with you all!

12/20/08 Walk After The Snow

A Christmas Picture

Not sure what this building was made for but Cory seems to like it!
Matching hat and scarf courtesy of Mimi Marlene!
Pretty Snow
Pretty Tree!
Lots of people were at the park to enjoy the snow. The favorite seemed to be sliding down the hills! Can you find the snowman?
12/22/08 Photoshoot

12/24/08 Christmas Eve at the Bruce's!

Teddy and Cory

Daddy and Daughter

Jessica, Joe, Cristina and Will opening their puppets.They were surprised to see the felt puppet version of themselves.
In case you can't tell...
Joe, Jessica, Will and Cristina made by yours truly. They put on a puppet show for Bee and they each played someone else. It was quite funny. So funny that I cried! I don't know if everyone else would think it was that funny but I do have a video clip that I might share if someone was interested.

Joe and Jessica gave Bee a cool handmade onesie!
Bee getting a baby massage,
Family Picture #1
Family Picture #2

Family Picture #3Bee likes watching Cristina!

Bee with "Buzz." Her new blabla doll that Will and Cristina gave her.Christmas Day 2008...

On Christmas we went to a loft in Greenpoint that Joe was house sitting at for a fried.

A yummy meal was prepared.
My family
Hanging out getting ready for dinner.
The loft had lots of good kids books that Cory read to Bee but when I took Bee to feed her I guess Cory wasn't done reading...
He read the book to Jessica! It was really cute.

The roof of the apartment had amazing views of Manhattan. You could see almost the whole length of Manhattan. There is not much in Greenpoint except that is close to the water and therefore has amazing views!
12/26/08 Tummy Time!
Bee is not a fan of tummy time yet but she is getting better.

12/27/08 Shopping in the City!

A couple of days after Christmas we went into Manhattan!

The Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Plaza!

Ice Skating at Bryant Park.
The wooden escalator at Macy's.
I do BELIEVE there was a few people shopping!
We bought new sheets. Martha Steward Pima Cotton. I love them! I didn't know Martha was at Macy's also!
It was a misty day in Manhattan. You couldn't see the top of the Empire State Building.

Macy's on 34th Street is the largest store in the World!!!

After shopping at Macy's and walking around we went to the Hyatt to take break to feed Bee. They have a great lobby for hanging out. This is a picture looking up at the elevators. The elevators are the funnest in the city. It is like an amusement park ride. Very fast and a little scary.

12/29/08 Bee Berry
Bee holding felt strawberries that I made. She can hold things but I don't really think she is aware of it yet. For a while at least you will be seeing Bee in a lot more bibs because her saliva production has kicked in!
New Years 2008
I know it is New Years 2009 but these pictures are still on my camera. This picture however is from last year. It has been a whole year since I have been back home to California. Too long! Last year we played scrabble at Mallory's Aunts house! Mallory told me that she played scrabble again this year! Bee, Cory and I had a nice New Years. It was the best because I had my wonderful husband and baby to share it with me!!!


Anonymous 6:52 PM  

Wow! That is a lot of pictures and a lot of time covered in 1 blog! Way to go Annie!
I love the puppets! I would like to see the show! It looked like you have been having a good time! it looks like you have some good baby sitters with all those family members!
The snow pictures bring back memories of my Denver days. Beautiful, but cold!!!
Bee is getting cuter everyday! I remember those bib days! It will seem like forever bibs until she gets all her teeth.
I enjoyed all your pics and comments!

Whitney Olson Smith 10:41 PM  

Your baby is beautiful!

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