Monday, December 10, 2007

...your getting warmer...

It is cold in New York right now but I am getting warmer just by thinking about my trip
hot Nicaragua.It is hard to imagine a place with no cold weather. Nicaragua only has two seasons and one is dry and the other is rainy but both are warm.This will be my last blog
about my Nicaragua trip. Note: these pictures are not in order.

The house I helped build was for two sisters. Here is Marta. She called me her "little bird."The last night in town the communitie held a party for us.
What is wrong with this picture?
Group pic
Showing off his skills
Tunnel underneath the old prison
We went to a pottery school to learn about the indigenous people of the area.
Shopping for keepsakes.
The house after 5 days.
Cute girls who loved having their picture taken.
Friends I made.
Volcano time
Weird but interesting old prison
The fort was first built to protect the land until it was convered into a prison which held political prisoners.
Side view
Locals came to sell goods that they made. This turtle trivet now lives at my house.
The dining area
An active volcano
cool fruit
Animals were always walking by.
I liked this bird. I understand more of why Nathan and Meg love these guys so much.
Break time
One of my favorite moments.
Fun kids
The masons that made it all possible.
We helped a little
I will never look at cinder blocks the same way again.
The volcanic lake that we went to.
We had to mix the cement the hard way.
What do you think they are laughing about?
Every time these kids saw me they smiled. It was either "Annie" or "pintar" or "una photo" and at times I had to take a few minutes to figure out what they were asking but they were patient with me. I miss them.
You can tell a a building is a school because of the blue paint.
The volcanic lake with an active volcano in the background.
Everyone went swimming and then we had a great meal.
This was a picture from the first day of work.
This was at the end of day two.
Beautiful place
For my birthday they made sweet tamales. Yummy.
She was my favorite. If I could I would have packed this little girl and probably the bird too.
This guy looks a little lost.
The view from my table.


nate-in-the-box 1:06 AM  

Latin America's Funniest Home Videos is waiting for the rest of the pinata footage.

Anonymous 4:51 AM  

Fabulous photos~ What a blessing for those people. What a blessed experience! The little girl is a cutie! Can't wait until Christmas!
Love, Mom

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