Sunday, December 02, 2007


Monday I went to work and Cory and Shelley paid a visit to the deserted Coney Island.Wichcraft has yummy sandwiches.

The park is amazing this time of year.

After work I met up with Shelley and Cory and we had dinner at a "Land"
a new Upper West Side Restaurant.
Last night together.
I love cake.We had dessert at Buttercup Bakery. Cupcakes and brownies for all.


Anonymous 4:13 PM  

A second hand bakery?! Consignment or donations? Look to the cookie. Midget

Sore toes 12:50 PM  

You guys are the best. I had a blast. Hope to be back when it's warm to do it again. I love you and miss you both. You are my heart...Aunty Shelley

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