Thursday, June 28, 2007

Coney Island and Aimee Bray

Aimee is back in Hanford. I miss her already! Yesterday, I got to exprience my first New York Blackout. I was at work on the computer when the electricy went out. I heard rumors that all of Manhattan lost power so I jumped on a bus to head home. It turned out that only about 40 blocks on the upper east side lost electricy. I was glad because everything does shut down without it. Tomorow we are going on a class trip on a cruise around Manhattan. I decided to stay at my current school that I work at for the next school year. I am excited!

Aimee, her mom and nana ready to watch the show.

I went with Aimee, her mom and nana to watch Grey Gardens the musical. It was really good. Months ago Cory and I watched the documentary about it.

Here I am with the 10 year old Erin Davie who is one of the stars of the show. She was amazing to watch because she is so young, yet so good.

Aimee and the famous "office in his car guy."

The Mermaid Parade at Coney Island last Saturday.

The Wonder Wheel turned 80 this year.l.

Cool looking kids roller coaster.

Teacups cups with the Cyclone in the background.

Jetskis in the East River made me think of my brothers! New York really does have everything.

The Manhattan bridge. Can you find the Empire State Building?

A place Lyle (my all-time favorite chef) might like.

The Wonder Wheel again.


Anonymous 12:39 AM  

Way cool pictures. Is Grey Gardens on Broadway or off? I wondered if you got caught on a train when the power went out. I figured it was time for you to be heading home. Midget

ASDude 2:08 AM  

Great pictures, I have to visit you both too, looks like so much fun, and my Coney Island visit was too short at my last NY trip. Maybe I find a flight ticket somewhere.

Bakka 5:33 AM  

office in a car...brilliant.

coryandannie 8:37 PM  

Grey Gardens is on Broadway.

Anonymous 8:45 PM  

Annie smoozing with the stars! Looks like a great time! Looking forward to seeing you on July 17th! (Technically July 18th at 12:25am) Love you guys! Mom

coryandannie 1:10 PM  

I can't wait!!!

Brady Nathan 2:10 PM  

Congrats Annie on your decision to stay at the private school. I'm excited for your experience there. So you are coming to CA July 18?

Patsy the Painter 10:33 PM  

New York protocol during a blackout is either to have sex or steal something. You could be double dippers and do both.

Anonymous 4:19 AM  

Well this is quite random but if anyone reads this and cares to help me out I wanted to see if I could get in touch with the woman in the picture. Aimee Bray. Shes breath taking. I talked to her awhile back but need to tell her something very very important. Please help... heres my email Thanks again. :)

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