Sunday, June 24, 2007

bloggin' away

Amy Bray is in town! She is in New York for a vacation along with her mom and grandma.
This is the most pictures in one blog. I have been slacking on my blogging so I had to get caught up. This first picture goes out to my little niece in Lemoore.
A close up on the message in case you missed it. "I do love you Callie and I can't wait to see you!"
Last weekend Cory and I celebrated our first year anniversary. Here we are in Prospect Park going home after a long day.
Dinner time! Salad, burritos, apples, and strawberry wine. I eat a salad almost everday fresh from my garden.
Prospect Heights brownstones.
We love so many of the houses but this is one of our favorites. We love the way the bold door looks with the potted plants.
Ozzies is the best coffee shop in Park Slope where are friends work.
Check out the sky! This is the street corner by our house.
Here are 75% of the students at my school. We went to the MET a few fridays ago.

80% of the teachers that I work with.
The love birds overlooking the Manhattan skyline.
We love you Grandma Lois!
Cory found this great vintage dress at Salvation Army. It just needs a little love and then it will be ready to party!
My French buddies Clem and Anna. Clem worked at Ozzies (until last Sunday) and she made me my first ever cappuccino.

Well, that sums up the last few weeks not including this weekend. Until next time...


ASDude 10:49 PM  

Nice to see you bloggin' again, hope you had a great anniversary last weekend. Wow, already one year, time is flying by.
PS: Greetings to half of the Bray family.

Bakka 3:48 AM  

wow, math can be used in everyday life. 75%, 80%. it really gave me a sense of how many people were in the picture, of the total number of people.....

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