Monday, May 21, 2007

surfs up

Surfs up on the cruise ship. It was so much fun. If the boys could have they would have surfed all day.

What I a week I had! I survived my first week of my three jobs. Last Monday was my first day at the new school and during the first class they welcomed me by basically blowing up over a few simple rules of mine. The students have since relaxed and are really happy that I am there. At first I felt like a combination of Super Nanny and Wife swap where it's the new moms chance to change things. A student today ran out of class yelling how happy she was because of the experience in my math class. This girl last class was a big problem and I had a talk with her after class. She told me today that the talk worked! This is a girl who has no family and lives in a shelter on 48th street. She said she never gave math a try. It was amazing to see what a little effort does. These students at this school are really neat and I am glad I am there. Keep praying for me because it is a really difficult situation because I feel like I am having to try and fix years of students not being in a decent school system. They are really far behind, yet some students in the same class are way ahead. Currently we are reviewing the basics so we have a good foundation to build on.


Anonymous 10:14 PM  

Yeah bro! The boys hittin some waves on the ship. I wanna do that so bad. Look at Annie...sweeeet. good stuff. Miss you guys.


Anonymous 11:25 PM  

It's time for this cruise to end. We had enough buffets. Midget

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