Sunday, May 13, 2007

KB to the BK

Here Cory is enjoying his functional masterpiece in our backyard. I love our new bench.
Kristian Bringard got into town Thursday morning. He is on a tour of many US cities. Check out his blog about his travels at All of these pictures you are viewing were taken by Kristian and his camera. Cory and Kristian went thrift store shopping. My husband is hot!!!
Friday evening we had a little get-to-gether. I made yummy burritos. Not pictured is Naomi and Marvin. This picture was taken my Naomi and Marvin hadn't arrived yet. After dinner we went to the local upscale coffee shop on our block for their grand opening party. They had a ton of free food and drinks. They actually have been open for a few months now. It is a great place and we are glad they are so close. It is Marvin's real kitchen!
Cory and Kristian got free tickets to a Mets game this afternoon. They had a lot of fun. Kristian leaves tomorrow afteroon. He is off to sunny Miami.
Tomorrow I will be planning for my first day of school on Monday. I know I need to clarify information about my new job but I'm having trouble because of course it all makes perfect sense to me. I am also very, very tired right now. Please let me know how I can clarify. I still have a lot of cruise pictures to put up but I must do that later.
Love, annie


Anonymous 8:44 PM  

I must say Cory that you are looking a lot more healthy than you were. Good to see. D

Too old 11:19 PM  

Hot he is! I'd do em.

Anonymous 3:33 PM  

It's time for the lonely surfer to go. If this teaching job is interfering this much with your blogging then you better quit. Midget

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